santa-claus-857947_640 (2)Here at the Smart Enterprise, we wanted to write to you to say that we’ve been very good this year.

We’ve delivered lots of training to lots of different people, and really tried hard to tell people more about disability.  We’ve trained all sorts of people – care providers, local authorities, schools, charities, HR  – and even worked with London Zoo!

We must have been good, because we won an award – the Skills for Care Accolade for Best Provider of Learning & Development!  And we only boasted about it a little bit, honestly!

So, here’s our Christmas wish list:

  1. We would like lots of positive news stories about disability, so that people realise that being disabled isn’t the same as being ill, and that disabled people aren’t just objects of pity.
  2. We would like there to be real positive steps taken to provide high quality, community based services for people with learning disabilities, rather than another load of platitudes and reports!
  3. Where things go wrong, we’d like services to take responsibility for what’s happened, apologise properly, and change the way they do things.
  4. And finally, we want health and happiness for our team, and all our friends and supporters.

Thank you and we hope you have a good flight on Christmas Eve!

Warmest wishes,

The Smart Enterprise.

PS If you could throw in lots of new customers too, so that we can keep spreading the word about disability and giving work to our fantastic team, that would be brilliant!

PPS And chocolate!!! Chocolate’s always good!