Course overview:

Despite legal protection under the Equality Act 2010, people with autism often face discrimination and prejudice. This course will challenge some of the preconceptions and stereotypes and enable participants to improve the service they offer to customers with autism, or to better support an autistic employee.


Target audience:

Any person who offers a service to the public, or who employs someone with autism



  • To increase participants’ knowledge of what it means to have autism
  • To enable participants to better support customers and employees who are on the autistic spectrum



By the end of the session you will:

  • Understand what autism is and the 3 main areas of difficulty for individuals on the spectrum
  • Understand the public perception of people with autism and the impact that may have on the individual
  • Be aware of the types of reasonable adjustments that may assist a customer or employee with autism
  • Gain an insight into what it’s like to have an autism, directly from an individual on the spectrum.