Everything you ever wanted to know about autism, but were afraid to ask!

(Well almost!)


Do you want to find out more about autism? Perhaps you have a colleague on the spectrum, or a family member who has just been diagnosed – or maybe you’re just interested? Whatever the reason, why not book a place on our 1 day Autism course?

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In all honesty,you won’t learn absolutely everything there is to know about autism (there just isn’t time in one day!), but here’s what it will cover:

Man with bookWhat is Autism?

We’ll shatter some of the myths that are out there about autism – for example, not everyone on the spectrum is a maths genius! We’ll also give you a bit of theory about the history of autism and diagnosis.

Difficulties and strengths

We’ll explain the areas that people with autism may struggle with – often called ‘the triad of impairments’ – but we’ll also tell you the good stuff! People with autism look at things differently – and that’s not always a bad thing!

Autism ‘secrets’!

You may already know that most people with autism like routines – but did you know that some people with autism are hypersensitive to certain noises? Or that the physical environment can really impact on how someone copes with particular situation? We’ll explore some of the lesser known issues faced by people on the spectrum, and how they may affect their behaviour  – if you understand what’s happening, perhaps you can help!



Everybody on the autistic spectrum will have some level of difficulty in communicating with people around them. We’ll look at ways you can help someone with autism to get their message across – and how you can make sure that they’ve understood you too!

Real life experience

You’ll get to hear from one of our co-trainers with autism, who will tell you how their autism affects them and what helps them in their day to day life. You’ll also be able to ask those burning questions about autism to someone who really knows what it’s all about, through first hand experience!

Here’s what some previous delegates thought:

‘It was done at a lovely pace, step by step’’

‘Helped me see the view from a person with autism and what I can do to support them in everyday life’

‘Marianne’s talk on how she lives with autism really helped put things into persepctive – amazing!’


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So, if you want to know more about autism, but have been afraid to ask

why not book your place now?
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